We also specialise in finance lending for home, business and commercial purchases. As Wentworth Williams Wealth has progressed, we have developed strong relationships with professional service providers such as; Financial Planners, Accountants, Settlement Agents, Leasing & Equipment Providers, Debt Management Specialists and many more. We are committed to your long-term success rather than our short-term gain. We have built a reputation as a trusted advisors to thousands of families across the country, as we take more care and attention when it comes to finding the right loan for your needs. We start by asking you about your long term plans, so we understand exactly where you want to go.

Wentworth Williams Wealth Pty Ltd Corporate Representative Number 485593 of Vow Financial Pty Ltd, Australian Credit License Number 390261.

Our Services

  • Residential Finance
  • Commercial Property
  • Equipment and Cost Finance
  • Direct Property Investing Strategies

Residential Finance

By using Wentworth Williams Wealth you can be sure that the mortgage you choose is in your best interest not only for today but also with your longer term financial plans.

With hundreds of loan packages available to you across all of the banks and lenders, how are you supposed to know which is the best mortgage for you? The reality is that it's very difficult with most people opting for the cheapest interest rate while others simply 'stick' with their current mortgage because changing just seems too difficult.

You would be surprised how simple it can be once you have the right mortgage professional working for you. Wentworth Williams Wealth e is not owned by any bank or lending institution and our clients can benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Mortgage interest rates are very important but not as important as choosing the right mortgage package. With an understanding of interest rates, other fees and charges as well as mortgage benefits and features, you'll be in a position to make an informed decision about the right mortgage for you.

The fact is that the banks are all very competitive and today what is a low rate could be a higher interest rate tomorrow.

Wentworth Williams Wealth are licensed credit service providers. We have expertise in identifying your exactly borrowing needs and recommending suitable loans and loan strategies to satisfy requirements.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new home to live in, to renovate or extend your existing home, buy an investment property or even just need finance for a new car, boat, caravan or other lifestyle items, we can advise you on the best strategy for your borrowing purposes.

We can also let you know whether you are best off borrowing on a principal and interest basis or interest only, whether you should be fixing your rate of interest or taking out a variable rate loan and what kind of loan products are the most suitable products for your particular needs.

We work with all the banks and major institutions providing loan products and are able to source loans to you at very competitive interest rates.

Commercial Finance

Specialised lending for your commercial property.

Commercial property lending is very different to residential lending and if you don't get the right mortgage you can find you are 'stuck' for many, many years with little options available. Wentworth Williams Wealth is a specialist in this area and by tapping into our panel of lenders you will be able to structure the right mortgage for you and your commercial property.

Business Finance

Business lending is a highly specialised area of finance, which involves understanding your business and its intricacies inside out to make sure the loan package is suited to your business operations.

Wentworth Williams Wealth can help you tap into the industry's leading business lenders and with the help of our skilled business advisory professionals we can make sure that your business is presented to the bank in the best possible light. This will ensure your portfolio of investments will grow with you and your business needs.

Equipment and Cost Finance

Don't simply accept the finance package that your equipment vendor provides. Equipment finance is as individual as you are and you need to make sure the terms of the finance package suit you. Wentworth Williams Wealth can help you with all of your equipment finance needs from car leases to combined harvesters.

What does it cost?

We believe your situation is unique and as such the fees that you pay should be tailored to your personal situation.

After our initial meeting we will provide you with a fee proposal, which we believe reflects the service required for you to meet your objectives. Because we are boutique, we are able to structure a payment schedule designed to suit you.

We also believe in transparency with our fee structure meaning you will always have an understanding of the fees that you pay.

There are no hidden costs.

To organise an appointment with a professional, please telephone us on (612) 9553 4166, email: or simply complete the form below. Weekend and after hours consultation are available by appointment only.

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